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"Please don’t expect me to always be good and kind and loving. There are times when I will be cold and thoughtless and hard to understand."

- Sylvia Plath  (via nyu-tah)

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Why do people drink alcohol it tastes disgusting

you don’t drink it for the taste. u drink shit like apple juice for the taste. you drink alcohol to get rid of the bad taste that every awful person in your life has left

that’s it

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"Alcohol tastes better than the thought of you and her"

- 10 word story (L.V.K.)

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things i need to do:

  • clean my room
  • get a college degree
  • learn how to have healthy relationships

things i want to do:
  • play with puppies and kittens
  • find someone cute to cuddle and make out with
  • drive to the ocean

things i actually am doing:
  • taking subpar selfies
  • running a semi successful blog
  • listening to sad songs and watching too much netflix

the accuracy is frightening

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Venice, Italy ↝ Sophie Nasyrova

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"It is when those who are not strong enough have made some moderate amount of progress that they fail and give up…"

- ― Confucius (via psych-quotes)

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